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Alpha Property Management has been managing homes in the greater Sacramento area for over 25 years.

Are you frustrated and tired of managing your rental, are you unsatisfied with the results and communication from your current property management company? Are you looking for a reputable, cost effective company with individualized attention to you and your property? We can help. We are a full service property management company and will treat your property as if it was our own; giving you quality and knowledgeable service and attention. The following describes our property management services. Our goal is for you to have a successful rental management experience.

Full Service Property Management and Leasing

Our Guarantee

With over 25 years of experience managing Rental Properties, we know how to earn and keep our clients trust and loyalty.

  • We will minimize your personal day to day involvement, stress and aggravation.
  • We will be here when you or the tenant need us.

One Low Monthly Fee

No hidden fees, everything is disclosed up front! No mark ups on repair bills, you pay what we pay! Professional Service Fees to Alpha Property Management are structured to fit your property and occasionally vary depending on the type, condition, and location. For more information about our Company, management fees and services, please contact our office.

Sacramento Property Management News

Rancho Murieta Rental Homes

Rancho Murieta Rental Homes Latest Listings: Rancho Murieta Houses for Rent Rancho Murieta Rental Property Statistics County: Sacramento County Population: 5,488 Rancho Murieta is a small community just over 12.1 square miles total area. Schools: Elk Grove Unified School District Rancho Murieta is a guard gated community. There are 3 major hospitals within close proximity to the area. Rancho Murieta is about 12 miles outside of Folsom and 21 miles outside of Sacramento. Rancho Murieta Houses for Rent Featured Read More >>

More Questions To Ask Your Sacramento Property Managers

Like we’ve discussed before, investment properties are great passive income generators if you have hired an honest, responsible Sacramento property management firm. Before you get started with them, you have to find out what is included in their contract and how to get out of the contract if need be. Here are a few more questions to ask a prospective Sacramento property management company to make sure there are no expensive misunderstandings later: What kind of reserve is required? Every Sacramento property management company will ask you for a slush fund that may be used at times of great emergency or if you cannot be reached for some reason. It’s best to know how much needs to be set aside ahead of time. Does the Sacramento property management team have experience with Section 8? It’s good to know if your prospective property managers are familiar with subsidized government housing and dealing with that type of tenant, since there may be HUD applicants looking at the property. How does the Sacramento property management approach advertising? No one wants to imagine that their tenants will one day move out, but it happens – and you Read More >>

Why Choose Property Management In Sacramento To Find Tenants

You may be wondering, “Why should I call property managers in Sacramento to find me new tenants? Isn’t that a realtor’s job?” It’s true that realtors are known for showing properties to interested parties. It’s also true that they know fair market values and many advertising techniques. They can find inspectors and accompany the final walk-throughs. Yet, you don’t want someone who is trying to “sell” your house. You want someone who won’t abandon ship once the property is unloaded and the commission is paid. You want property management in Sacramento that can assist you with anything you may need. Here’s how our property management in Sacramento works. First we make sure your property is “rent-ready,” meaning that all rooms will be cleaned, all repairs will be made, all trash removed, all pre-marketing inspections will be made, and the lawn will be neatly mowed. Next we’ll research the fair market rent value so you attract the right kind of tenant. If you charge too high, you might wind up with a vacancy… or two low, you may attract the wrong kind of tenant. We’ll take a set of pictures to advertise Read More >>

Use Rental Property Management Sacramento To Take Care Of All That Paperwork

Seeing the steady stream of money come in each month is the fun part of rental property management. Of course, there are also many parts that aren’t so fun – collecting past due rent checks, paying the mortgage, negotiating bill payments, advertising for new tenants. It can become an enormous drain on your finances, time, and sanity. Alpha Property Management can help you with the most unpleasant parts of the job, so you can kick back and profit. Our rental property management Sacramento firm will take care of financial matters for you. We have fully computerized bookkeeping, so you’ll have access to all the records you need. We’ll collect the rent checks from all tenants and prepare accounting of security deposit funds. We’ll ensure timely ACH direct deposit for your money. We can even pay your mortgage, your taxes, your insurance, and your utility bills if you choose. Our rental property management company also ensures that your property remains in the best condition to protect your investment. We’ll drive by and run periodic checks on the property. We’ll schedule and oversee all necessary maintenance work. We’ll also take digital photographs of the Read More >>

Commercial Property Management Can Save You Up To 30% Off Your Insurance

Landlords and commercial property owners understand that their assets mean nothing if they’re not protected. It’s easy to say, “Nothing will ever happen to me,” but that’s what everyone thinks before disaster strikes. Insurance is big business in our country. There are many business owners and individuals being charged skyrocketing premiums, which only go higher if they ever need to file a claim. In our nearly 30 years in the commercial property management business, we’ve dealt with a lot of insurance companies and there is only one we’d recommend: AAA. We don’t get a dime from them for providing this recommendation. It’s just our personal opinion that they offer cheaper insurance premiums compared to their competitors, while providing you with top-notch service. In fact, as an Alpha Property Management Rental Companies in Sacramento client, you will save up to 30% right off the bat! If your commercial property management involves renting out your family home, then you need to be protected against many calamities: premises liability, fire, theft, vandalism, liability for wrongful eviction, false arrest, and invasion of privacy. Other types of special AAA Rental Property Insurance includes: coverage to replace Read More >>

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