Tenant Services

With Alpha Property Management it is easy to pay online for your approved security deposit and monthly rent.

We also provide you with the option print out a rental application and bring to the office for processing.

Tenant Services

Rent is due on the first day of each month, unless stated otherwise in your rental agreement, and will be considered late if not received by the close of business on the third day of the month. Rent can be paid to our office either in person or by mail. We are open Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and we havea drop box for any after-hour payments. Be sure to sign your check, money order or cashier’s check, and don’t forget to include the property address on any form of payment. We can also set you up for automatic rent payments on the 3rd of each month thru the bank.

Maintenance requests can be made by phone, fax, mall or email, Under California State Law and the terms of your rental agreement, the owner of the property is responsible for items of “normal wear” including failure of structure or equipment. You are responsible for “damage” to the premises, whether caused by your intentional actions, misuse, negligence or accident. You are also responsible for damage caused by your co-residents, guests (invited or not).

In a non-emergency situation please allow 2 business days, if you have not heard from anyone by then please contact our office.

Contact our office immediately by phone during normal regular business hours. After hours please contact the 24-hour emergency phone number provided to you during the signing of your rental agreement (PLEASE NOT: THIS IS FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY – examples would be flood, fire, unsecured property, broken pipes, etc.) In case of fire or other life threatening circumstances contact 911 immediately then notify us.

You are responsible to keep the property clean and sanitary, maintaining air conditioner/heater filters (change at least every 3 months), maintain working smoke detector at all times (check batteries often and replace every 6 months), light bulbs, yard (watering) and pool maintenance, unless gardening or pool services provided for in your rental agreement.

All changes must be approved by Alpha Property Management in writing and may be a Resident’s expense.

Typically yes, but you must first obtain written permission from Alpha Property Management. Some Homeowners Associations prohibit any installation of a satellite dish in any location that can be seen from the ground or any other unit in the area. Any cost of installation is an expense of the resident and any damages to the property caused by the installation will be the responsibility of the resident. Satellite dishes may NOT be installed on the roof. Check with our office for appropriate locations to install a dish on your particular property.

No, you may not sublet any portion of the property nor assign the agreement to another person.

In some instances pets may be permitted after your move in provided the pet is approved by Alpha Property Management in writing and an additional security deposit is paid. If approved we will need a picture of the pet and, current shot record, in addition; on a pet by pet basis, renter’s insurance may be required.

Unless required due to a pet, aquarium or other water filled furniture, it is not required. But we highly recommend you have it to cover yourself and personal property. The homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover your personal property.

Any prospective co-residents must fill out an application and be approved. Once approved, they will be allowed to sign the lease.

You will need to notify our office in writing of your intention to vacate. You will then be responsible for all advertising, fees and rent (through the end of your lease) until the new resident moves into the property.

Once you have vacated the property an inspection with full photographs will be performed and any charges for repairs “above normal wear and tear” will be deducted, along with any charges for cleaning and rents owed. You will receive an itemized accounting of the expenses along with any security deposit refund or invoice within 21 days of our office receiving possession of the property.

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