Alpha Property Management


About Us

At Alpha Property Management, our only business is Property Management, we don’t sell Real Estate.

The combined related experience of our staff totals well over 100 years in the Property Management field. Our combined experience and diversity qualify us to handle all areas of Property Management and all of it’s in’s and out’s. We pride ourselves in being available and responsive. We feel confident that we can and will surpass your expectations.

Our Broker

Sally LaBate started out over 35 years ago as a leasing agent in Oregon, and acquired her Real Estate License after a move to California, while working full time as an on-site manager. She then worked with a partner in a property management company. Upon retirement of her partner, she bought out the management company and Alpha Property Management was born. All the while, from Oregon to California our Broker has had experience with all types of property including SRO’s, single family homes, Duplexes, Fourplexes, and Large and small Apartment communities, Commercial properties, Mobile Home parks, and foreclosures. From inception to today and continuing on thru tomorrow, our Broker strives to continue her education and knowledge in the field of property management so that you can count on the most up to date laws and procedures the Housing industry has to offer. The company continues to grow and prides itself in long term clients and properties.

Our Maintenance Department

No property management company is complete without a great maintenance department and Alpha Property Management is no exception. Our maintenance department is able handle all of your properties maintenance needs whether large or small. We will be sure to take care of problems effectively and quickly. Whenever possible we utilize licensed, bonded, and insured contractors that will get the job done right. We’ll do our best to find an affordable contractor who guarantees their work, and then pass that expense on to you with no mark ups. That means we can often get it done cheaper than the our competition. With Alpha Property Management working for you, we will make sure your tenants and your properties are taken care of around the clock.

Do you prefer to handle maintenance yourself? No problem, just tell us and we can be flexible with your maintenance goals.

Our Leasing Department

Our Leasing Department is compiled of many adverse qualities including military training, On-site and Off-site Leasing, Sales and Marketing, Quality control, Creativity and personality! Within this department, we are also skilled in Resident screening, Credit analysis and background information gathering. This department also handles Housing Inspections backed up by extensive training and knowledge.

Together, Alpha Property Management offers a Quality, well trained, experienced, and knowledgeable insight into the field of Property Management from the perspective of Rental Housing, the owner, the tenant, the vendor, and the property manager. We are always available and responsive to the needs and concerns of our clients and tenants. We, the Broker and Staff encourage you to contact us at any time you feel the need. We are here for you!