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Accounting Services

Security Deposit Accounting

We maintain tenant’s security deposits in a non-interest bearing trust account. Upon the tenant vacating we provide proper return and accounting of all deposits. Our move-out processing includes written inspection, pictures, transmittal with any charges itemized and deducted from the tenant’s security deposit and any balance returned to tenant as required by law. Any unpaid balances due by tenant are turned over to our collection service.

Comprehensive Accounting Services

We provide complete and accurate recording of every income and expense that affects your property. You receive easy to read itemized monthly statements detailing all activity on your property and at year-end you are provided with a report consolidating all income and expenses for the year for your tax preparation.

  • Payment of Bills: No charge to pay monthly recurring bills authorized by you such as: mortgage, utilities, gardening, pool service, insurance, taxes, etc.
  • Disbursement to Owner: We typically can disburse monthly payment to owners between the 10th & 12th of each month. Rent income can be mailed to you directly or deposited into your bank account thru an ACH.
  • Tax Reporting: Complete legally required tax reporting information to owners, employees, vendors, and the Internal Revenue Service.


For more information, contact Sally Labate at 916-596-1669.

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