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Complete Tenant Screening

Finding the right tenant can be challenging, yet we view resident selection as one of our most important responsibilities. The best protection you can have for your property is responsible and reliable tenants.

We pride ourselves on the quality of tenants we have been able to place. Our goal is to provide our owners with tenants who will pay rent on time and take care of the property. We handle all inquiries and our rental application is designed to obtain complete information on each adult applicant. We want reliable and qualified tenants just as much as you do and our complete tenant screening process and lease agreement help to ensure this. Each applicant must meet our minimum income, rental/ownership history and credit requirements for consideration.

  • Experience: Having processed thousands of applications we are experienced in judging credit worthiness our record for selecting qualified tenants is outstanding.
  • Credit Agency: We have and utilize all three credit reporting agencies.
  • Income Requirements: Our standard income requirement asks that the income be at least 2.5% times the rent and that this is verifiable with documentation.
  • History: We also check and verify source of income; present and past, along with current and past rental, home ownership, and employment history.
  • Security Deposit: We secure an appropriate security deposit; at minimum the security deposit will be equal to the monthly rent.
  • Fair Credit: As required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, legally correct rejection letters are sent to all applicants who are not accepted.


For more information, contact Sally Labate at 916-596-1669.

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