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Property Evaluation, Documentation and Inspection

Property Evaluation

We will determine the “fair market” value of your property and offer recommendations to maximize your rent and minimize your liability.

  • Rent Ready: Tenants expect and deserve to move into a clean and safe property, and with our help we can help you provide just that.
  • Proper Insurance Coverage: As a property owner one of the best ways to reduce your potential liability is to have good landlord insurance coverage, we require a minimum $300,000 liability policy.

Transition Survey

A detailed condition of premises form is completed and digital pictures record the property prior to the tenant moving into the property and again after they vacate. Our goal is to hold the tenant financially responsible for any damages beyond normal wear and tear and any necessary cleaning. Through this policy, we feel that unnecessary repair expenses can often be diminished or eliminated. Minimizing the costs of vacancies and turn-around times are important concerns to us and here are some following ways we try to reduce your costs.

Lease expirations are carefully monitored and renewal notices are forwarded to tenants about 60 days prior to lease expiration. Notices will include any necessary revision in price or terms, and the lead time help reduce the chance of a vacancy.

  • All Tenants are required to provide a written 30-Day Notice to Vacate.
  • Send vacating tenants proper notice of their legal option for a pre-termination inspection, and a letter outlining our move-out requirements and guidelines for return of their Security Deposit.
  • We are obligated to help protect your property. We frequently drive by the property to see that the property exterior is well maintained and periodic interior survey of the property is made, as authorized by the tenant’s lease agreement. If inconsistencies are noted, tenants are notified of necessary corrective action.
  • Delinquent tenant accounts are turned over to a collection agency.
  • To avoid possibility of major liability to you the owner, we change the locks between each tenancy.

Complete Documentation

Thorough and comprehensive documentation is a key ingredient to good property management. It prevents confusion and gives everyone involved a clear understanding of what is expected.

  • Management Contract: Our management contract defines our working relationship with property owners, detailing the obligations and responsibilities of both parties.
  • Rental Agreement: Our lease agreement is clear and concise and details both our and the tenants’ responsibilities.
  • Detail of Property: Digital photos and written documentation of the property appearance and physical condition are made prior to the tenants move in and again once they vacate.

Regular Inspections of Property

A frequent drive by is made to ensure that the property exterior is well maintained and periodic interior inspections (as authorized by the tenants lease agreement) are made by our management team. Where inconsistencies or potential problems are noted, tenants are notified of necessary corrective action and the owner is advised.


For more information, contact Sally Labate at 916-596-1669.

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