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Rent Collection and Legal Matters

Rent Collection & Eviction

Our rent collection policy is fair but firm. We take quick action to protect your interest should delinquencies occur. In the event eviction is necessary we can handle all aspects of the process. Good tenants pay promptly and we take rent collection very seriously.

  • Payment Due Date: Our Rental Agreements usually require that rent payments are to be made on the first day of each month and become delinquent and subject to late charges after the third day of the month. If the third falls on a weekend or holiday tenants are given until the next business day.
  • Three-Day Notice: 3 Day Notices are prepared and delivered if rent is not received by the sixth day of the month.
  • Owner Notification: The Owner is contacted if rent has not been paid by the expiration of the 3-Day Notice.
  • Eviction: If Unlawful Detainer action is required we handle all aspects of the process from preparing and delivery of all necessary documents to our attorney all the way to court on the owner’s behalf.

Comprehensive Legal Forms

Prompt and binding documentation is critical to the security of your investment. To offer you maximum protection, our leases are based on many years of experience and comply with State and Federal laws. All of our Leases and Notices are approved by a Landlord/Tenant Attorney, and All our forms are updated regularly to include any new regulations, laws and disclosures, providing our owners with a high degree of protection against a wide variety of possible problems. We take time with each new tenant to explain the benefits and responsibilities of leasing a home from us.


For more information, contact Sally Labate at 916-596-1669.

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