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Should I Rent or Sell my Property? Management Tips for Investors in Sacramento

Investors in Sacramento are sometimes unsure about whether they should sell their property or hold onto it and rent it out. When you’re making this decision, you have to consider where you are in your life and what kind of financial implications come with each option. (more…)

What is Normal Wear and Tear in my Sacramento Rental Property? Property Management Education

When we talk about normal wear and tear in Sacramento rental properties, we are really talking about how you handle the security deposit. Wear and tear affects how much you keep and return from the deposit that was paid to you. It’s usually an elephant in the room for landlords and property owners. You need to understand what you can and cannot charge for, otherwise you can find yourself in court. (more…)

What Does a Good Property Manager Do? | Professional Property Management Sacramento

Sacramento property managers, in general, do the same things. However, a good property manager will do things extremely well, follow through, communicate with owners and tenants, and take their service to a higher level. (more…)

How Much Does Professional Property Management Cost in Sacramento?

Many rental property owners are unsure of what professional property management costs in Sacramento. Today, we are talking about what you can expect to see in regards to fees when you pay a property manager to take care of your investment. (more…)